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Hyperion Materials & Technologies makes a wide range cemented carbide stamping/forming tools with exceptional uniformity and also top quality. We partner with our customers to boost performance as well as establish solutions for their stamping/forming applications. Hyperion Products & Technologies has more than 60 years of experience in the growth, manufacturing, and also application of deterioration immune cemented carbides. Traditional cobalt adhered cemented carbides can be made use of in several applications facing severe wear or high mechanical stress, however they offer minimal corrosion resistance in functioning problems where there are extreme rough or harsh requirements. Generally, straight tungsten carbide-cobalt (WC-Co) grades are resistant to corrosion to pH 7.

Nozzle lifetime, as well as price each created, can be enhanced substantially by incorporating Versimax ruby compound in the high wear locations in tungsten carbide, ceramic, or various other wear resistant nozzles. The examples below highlight the potential for overall cost financial savings making use of Versimax in extremely erosive applications. Versimax is Hyperion Products & Technologies’ copyrighted silicon carbide as well as polycrystalline diamond (PCD) composite with exceptional wear resistance, high toughness, and also heat efficiency.

In a similar way, an electrical water heater component that falls short from years of deterioration may be replaced rather than the whole water heater. Universal keeps a huge stock of tungsten carbide wear components no text and tools for wood chippers, chip slicers, planers, debarkers, as well as various other high-production wood-working tools. A tungsten carbide reducing device, put on area, or component is confirmed to last 3 to 6 times longer than a steel device.

Hyperion Materials & Technologies produces tailor-made wear immune elements as well as provides tailored services as well as application development expertise for all of your wear components needs. We have a wide variety of experience in the growth, production, and also application of cemented carbide (additionally called strong carbide or tungsten carbide (WC)) as well as ruby wear components to improve the performance, efficiency, and also lifetime of your items.

  • Hyperion Products & Technologies has actually produced concrete carbide elements made use of in engines, helicopters, and also airplanes for over twenty years.
  • From right here, we ship our carbide reducing devices and also components to consumers global.
  • Whereas a car requires consumable gas as well as lubricants to operate, parts such as tires, seats, and also paint are subject to damage and generally are not covered under any type of warranty when subjected to regular usage.

Hyperion Materials & Technologies has more than 25 years of experience production wear components made use of to produce concrete roofing system tiles. Hyperion has actually developed concrete carbide grades that provide performance enhancements. The result is longer device life and also much less device damage.

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Carbide devices have an insert of long lasting tungsten carbide brazed to the idea of a steel shank. The sensation of wear and tear shows the second law of thermodynamics, in which items wander off from their initial type and also function with time unless power from an external force is made use of to keep them. , if restoration is impossible an object is concerned as consumable. .

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